Private health facilities can now vaccinate against COVID-19, for a small fee

The government is now allowing private hospitals, clinics and medical aid societies to administer COVID-19 vaccines, as it moves to ramp up inoculations amid a surge of infections.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said the government plans to vaccinate 1 million people during a two week blitz announced on July 13. First dose vaccinations hit a new record of 40,056 on July 19 but needs to exceed 71,000 daily jabs to hit the target.

“The implementation of the vaccination programme, which was being done mainly by the public sector, is now being extended to private health facilities, starting with private hospitals, clinics and private medical aid societies,” health ministery permanent secretary Jasper Chimedza wrote in a July 15 circular.

“The COVID-19 vaccination remains free in public institutions and private sector. However, the private sector is allowed to charge a nominal administration fee of injection by doctor using AHFoZ claim number 90070 ZW$434,35, an injection by a nurse 90072 ZW$220,64. At no point should the private sector charge more than the above stipulated administration fee.”

The government says it will give participating private health establishments vaccines, syringes and registers to carry out vaccinations as it looks to expand the programme.

The private establishments are required to report daily vaccination statistics as well as any adverse reactions following inoculation.