Cyclone Idai Zimbabwe

Cyclone Idai survivors burnt church pews to keep warm

By Godfrey Marawanyika and Brian Latham On March 15, the earth shook so violently in Ngangu that people thought an earthquake had struck. It...
Zimbabwe prices

Zimbabweans are shocked by price hikes, but we really shouldn’t be

Not too long ago, three months ago in fact, fuel in Zimbabwe was cheaper than bottled water and flights from the country were some of the cheapest...
Zimbabwe diamonds Tiffany's

American jeweler Tiffany’s wont take Zimbabwean diamonds over rights abuses

Tiffany & Co, the leading American luxury jeweler, says it does not stock Zimbabwean diamonds over human rights concerns, a reflection of the long road still ahead...

“Very arrogant”- the ANC’s view of ZANU-PF, according to spy-turned-diplomat

South Africa’s ANC government, which mediated in Zimbabwe’s political dialogue between 2007 and 2013, found ZANU-PF to be arrogant interlocutors, according to Pretoria’s former man in Harare.

Britain prepares post-Brexit sanctions law for Zimbabwe

The United Kingdom has drafted regulations to keep sanctions against Zimbabwe in place when Britain eventually concludes its vexed exit from the European Union.

GUEST COLUMN | Public Relations: Thought leadership, or just another bullshit profession?

By Archie Mathibela Zimbabwe is a seller’s market where consultancy and employment opportunities are few and far between. The Public Relations profession is staring down a...