No extra power until you pay US$80m arrears, neighbours tell Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe needs to raise US$80 million to clear arrears with its regional electricity suppliers before it can ramp up imports to ease a critical power shortage. 
Zimbabwe power crisis

Power struggle: How corruption and poor planning left Zimbabwe in the dark

Zimbabwe’s power utility says the rolling power cuts the country is facing have been caused by low water levels at Kariba. This is true, but it is...
Zimbabwe currency

ZW VIEW – Zimbabweans, Germans, and the great rational fear

Around 2011, Germany’s Allensbach Institute asked Germans; “what do you fear the most?” The findings told a story that every Zimbabwean policy maker must hear.
Zimbabwe currency

OPINION | Why new currency measures won’t work, and what we propose| By MDC’s...

By Tapiwa Mashakada and Miriam Mushayi Wheels have finally come off as the Zimbabwe government has been cornered and forced to involuntarily de-dollarise...
currency Zimbabwe

EXPLAINER | New currency regulation in Zimbabwe: What does it all mean?

Few things fill a Zimbabwean with fear and dread more than the word "Zimdollar". So, it was no surprise when news that Zimbabwe had declared the RTGS...
Zimbabwe diamonds

Rights groups want Zimbabwean gems classified as ‘conflict diamonds’, leading to possible ban

MUMBAI, India - Zimbabwean diamonds could be classified as “conflict diamonds” and barred from world markets, if rights groups meeting here have their way.
Zimbabwe diamonds

UK’s Vast Resources to partner ZCDC at Marange diamond project

Vast Resources, the UK-listed mining firm, is to partner with State-owned Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company (ZCDC) to develop the Heritage diamond concession at Chiadzwa.
Zimbabwe economy

OPINION | Too many managers, too few workers – Zimbabwe has an artisan shortage,...

By Engineer Jacob Mutisi According to Zimstat, Zimbabwe had 93 714 university students as at August 2017, but only 25 952 polytechnic students. Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital...