NRZ Pension Fund signs up DPA to install 5.3MW rooftop solar for its properties

Distributed Power Africa (DPA) is to install over 5MW of rooftop solar at key properties of the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) Contributory Pension Fund, one of the country’s largest property holders. 

The NRZ Contributory Pension Fund manages a portfolio of properties, on behalf of its members, who are current and former NRZ workers. Its portfolio includes retail space and office buildings. Among its most notable assets are Trust Towers and Karigamombe in Harare plus Pioneer House in Bulawayo. 

Combined, the installations at various locations of the NRZ Pension Fund clients will total 5.3MW, making this one of DPA’s largest projects to date.

As power cuts worsen, demand is rising foe alternative power, DPA CEO Divyajeet Mahajan says. 

“We are ready to partner with our clients to deliver solutions that meet their energy needs especially with the current load shedding situation in the country,” said Mahajan.

Solar will make NRZ Contributory Pension Fund properties more attractive for tenants.  

Fund chair Takunda Madanha said: “This partnership with DPA fulfils our mission as the Pension fund to manage the Fund in a way that is efficient and responsible. By switching to solar energy, we will save over 2 192 tons of carbon emissions annually, which will help us meet our obligations to our members, our tenants and the environment.”