DPA, Huawei in partnership to deploy new hybrid solar technology

Distributed Power Africa (DPA), the renewable energy arm of Econet Global, has announced a partnership with Huawei Smart Energy to deploy hybrid solar solutions for the Africa market, including in Zimbabwe.

Under the deal, the two companies will offer smart batteries and solar power products under the Huawei Smart Energy Fusion. The product will initially be rolled out in selected DPA markets such as Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa and Kenya. 

“We are always looking to work with innovative partners like Huawei to bring smart systems and deliver best fit energy solutions to meet the energy needs in our markets,” says DPA CEO, Norman Moyo. 

According to DPA, Huawei is offering DPA a solution that ensures up to 30% more energy, more stable power supply and a financial saving for end users. 

Under COVID-19, demand has increased for a reliable power service to home offices in order to support the “new reality” remote working. 

“The Huawei Smart Energy Fusion product brings customers convenience at a low cost to their daily business and lives,” said DPA.

The Huawei Smart Energy Fusion product, DPA will be able to increase power capacity for customers wanting to scale up.  The product is designed with string battery technology that is scalable from 5kW to 30kW on every stack, giving customers flexible investment. It can be installed with or without solar panels and connected to either grid or generator to supply optimum power.

Demand for renewable energy has increased in Zimbabwe as homeowners and large businesses go green to counter erratic power supply from ZESA. Government has since slashed duty on solar products in order to encourage uptake and help ease pressure on the power utility.

In March last year, Zimbabwe launched the National Renewable Energy Policy and the Biofuels Policy of Zimbabwe, hoping to attract investment.