The women building one of Zimbabwe’s biggest lithium mines

Female staff at Prospect Lithium Zimbabwe

Prospect Lithium Mine, a large-scale operation currently being developed in Goromonzi, is one of Zimbabwe’s brightest mining prospects – and a team of female professionals is right at the centre of the work.

On International Women’s Day, Prospect Lithium Zimbabwe (PLZ) took time to celebrate the women who are involved in building one of the country’s next biggest mining operations.

What do some of the female processional say about working in an environment long dominated by men?

Stakeholder department representative, Chido Shayanowako, said: “The International Women’s day is a unique opportunity for PLZ to show their appreciation and support for women by celebrating the day in meaningful ways.”

Sofia Badza, who is in PLZ’s Human Resources department, said the company has provided a platform where there is no job meant only for men. Women have equal employment opportunities as their male counterparts.

A new processing plant under construction at Prospect Lithium Zimbabwe


Nyasha Chauneita is an Assistant Electrician for PLZ. She says: ‘’As women in mining, it is our nature to perfect things and make sure that the work is to standard. I really appreciate PLZ. The company has shown gender balance by having women on the technical side.’’

The mine site is multi-cultural, with staff from Zimbabwe and other countries such as China. Are there any differences in how male colleagues from these different cultures interact female colleagues? Yes, she says. There are some culture differences between Chinese and Zimbabwean men in the treatment of women, Chauneita says, adding that Zimbabwean men should emulate the Chinese men’s respect for female colleagues in the professional environment.

Vivian Savadye, who is employed as a Translator at the mine, says PLZ women have been given platform to showcase their talents, and one can actually see gender equality.

She says at a national scale and at the corporate level, there is a need for all to take the next step to create a great workplace for women by working together to make the workplace a better place for all genders.