A new youth-led avenue opens for US-Africa partnerships

(file pic) African youths are seeking new opportunities

In the dynamic landscape of global youth demographics, Africa stands at the forefront, with its burgeoning population presenting both challenges and opportunities for economic empowerment and education. Today, a quarter of the global population – 1.8 billion people – are between the ages of 15 and 35; the largest generation of youth the world has ever known. In Africa alone, the youth population is expected to double to more than 830 million by 2050. The need for sustainable solutions to address unemployment, underemployment, and limited educational opportunities is more pressing than ever.

The recent Africa Youth Survey has underscored the paramount importance of job opportunities for African youth. However, despite the continent’s demographic advantage, access to education remains a significant barrier, with nearly half of young people aged 15 to 17 not attending school in Sub-Saharan Africa. This educational deficit perpetuates cycles of poverty and economic disparity across the region.

Moreover, while Africa has made strides in harnessing its potential, it has yet to fully tap into the wealth of knowledge and resources within its diaspora communities. Historically, the migration of Africans has resulted in brain drain, but there exists a unique opportunity to reverse this trend and catalyse brain gain by engaging the African diaspora in initiatives aimed at driving economic growth and development.

Recognising these challenges and opportunities, Annot Inc. has emerged as a beacon of hope, dedicated to fostering collaboration between young people and entrepreneurs in the United States and Africa. With a vision to facilitate youth-led partnerships across continents, Annot Inc. aims to ignite connections, nurture knowledge exchange, and drive economic growth through educational initiatives, youth engagement programs, training opportunities, and diaspora engagement.

Founder and President Chiedza Juru emphasised the transformative potential of such partnerships, stating, “Young people are invaluable assets, bringing energy, talent, and creativity to the job market. Their motivation serves as the engine driving countries to grow, innovate, and prosper. What truly excites me about Annot is the opportunity to cultivate partnerships between the U.S. and Africa for the benefit of young Africans, while also tapping into the potential of diaspora communities to help shape the Africa we envision.”

At the core of Annot’s mission are four main program pillars: education, youth empowerment, entrepreneurship, and diaspora engagement. Through educational scholarships, mentorship programs, and exchange initiatives, Annot seeks to provide access to education for out-of-school children and youth while fostering connections between African and American universities.

Additionally, Annot’s youth programs aim to cultivate a network of future leaders capable of addressing global challenges through dialogues, policy discussions, and empowerment initiatives. By providing platforms for collaboration and knowledge sharing, Annot empowers young people to drive economic development in their communities.

Furthermore, recognizing the entrepreneurial spirit shared by African and U.S. small business owners, Annot offers capacity-building training, mentorship, and market development programs to support aspiring entrepreneurs in both regions. By leveraging the expertise and resources of the African diaspora, Annot facilitates strategic partnerships and investment opportunities, driving forward economic growth and development.

Founding Director Marshall Bizure also highlighted Annot’s commitment to fostering win-win partnerships, stating, “Annot cultivates mutual and strategic win-win opportunities between the U.S and Africa for the benefit of young Africans through Global South-North partnerships while also tapping into endless possibilities of diaspora communities to help shape the Africa we want.”

Through African Diaspora Forums and Investment Forums, Annot promotes engagement between the U.S. and Africa, bridging knowledge gaps and facilitating dialogue to drive investment and economic development. By harnessing the collective expertise and resources of the diaspora, Annot aims to unlock significant partnerships and opportunities for growth.

Founding Director Kenneth Asher also echoed Annot’s dedication to supporting the growth of young people and entrepreneurs, stating, “Our goal at Annot Inc. is to support the growth of young people and entrepreneurs by bridging cultures, exchanging knowledge, and providing access to capital.”

To contribute to Annot’s mission and learn more about their initiatives, visit www.annotinc.org. Join Annot in shaping a brighter future for young Africans and fostering cross-cultural connections that drive economic growth and prosperity.


Chiedza Juru is a recent graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School where she studied a Masters in Public Policy. Before that, she was the Chairperson of the Zimbabwe Youth Council where she spearheaded the Zimbabwe youth agenda.

Chiedza Juru

Founder & President- Annot Inc.