Invictus Energy completes Muzarabani seismic survey. What comes next?

Polaris' vibroseis trucks at Muzarabani, used to gather seismic data to locate potential drilling areas

Energy explorer Invictus Energy says it has completed its seismic survey at the Cabora Bassa project in Muzarabani. Now the next step is crunching the data to find the best spots to drill exploration wells.

During the seismic survey, the company used machinery from Canadian company Polaris, which uses sound vibrations to locate potential locations for the wells that would confirm the existence of gas or oil. During the campaign, Invictus acquired 840 kilometers of high-resolution 2D seismic data.

Invictus says the amount of data it collected “significantly exceeds” obligations under its current licence period, which demands that the company collect 300 km of 2D seismic data before the licence period ends in June 2024.

Invictus Managing Director Scott Macmillan says completion of the survey was a “significant milestone” for the company.

“The quality of the high-resolution seismic data we have acquired is excellent and providing great insights into the petroleum potential of the basin,” Macmillan said.

Invictus says the seismic campaign was completed with no health and safety incidents for seismic staff


What happens now?

Invictus will now start processing and interpreting the seismic data, which it will use to locate its wells.

According to Macmillan, the better imaging over the project area was “very encouraging” and will help Invictus refine the location for the planned Muzarabani-1 well. The company plans to start drilling early next year.

“The better imaging over the giant Muzarabani structure is very encouraging and once the interpretation of the full dataset is completed, we expect to refine the location for the basin opening Muzarabani-1 well which is scheduled to be drilled in 1H 2022.”

Invictus is also now selecting the companies that would do the drilling and provide associated services.

“The rig selection process is advancing, and the Company is in discussions with shortlisted rig providers as well as drilling services providers and advancing towards securing a rig and services contract for a planned 1H 2022 basin opening drilling campaign,” Invictus said last month.


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